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Would it be permissible to use Freeicons for commercial purposes?

  • Written by Anu Dev
    Updated over a week ago

Each icon holds different kinds of licenses, therefore it is important to follow the license agreement for the different types of icons. It is quite easy to find license information for the icons. All you would need to do is, go to the icons that you wish to choose or find license information right next to the icon itself. By clicking on that link, you will find the license information along with the terms and conditions for that particular icon. The license information will clearly state if the icon is allowed to be used for commercial use, or personnel use

The simplest and easiest way to sort this out would be by using the filter for the license type. Because what the filter does is, help you choose and sort the icons easily. Once you set the filter as per your requirement it will filter the icons as per the license type, enabling you to find the icons that give access or permission to use them for commercial or personal use.

For more information in regards to licenses, Please feel free to go through the License Overview