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Usage of icons for commercial purpose

  • Written by Anu Dev
    Updated over a week ago

Is it possible to use the icons on digital projects such as apps, websites, advertisements, and blogs?

What does Commercial usage mean?

Commercial usage simply means usage of icons for any purpose direct or indirect to generate revenue towards your business.

Commercial use may also need not necessarily be income-generating instantly, it may be considered as an investment towards a future use that will create or generate income at a later point of time.

For eg: if the icons are used into your personnel website to enhance the look of the website and to create a better image of the same or even to boost the website's image that might be visited by other viewers at a later point of time and if that adds on to the revenue generation part in the coming future then it may also be considered as commercial use.

Another eg would be the usage of icons in a presentation, wherein you add on the icons to enhance your PowerPoint presentation or even a simple slideshow can be considered for income generation at present or as in the coming future.

What Personnel usage means?

Personnel usage simply means usage of icons for any purpose of entertainment or creativity that does not generate revenue currently or in the near coming future towards the business of any kind and solely for the personal interest of the individual alone.

For eg: if you are trying to decorate a gift with the icon's image or trying to complete a school assignment for your kids for educational purposes or even decorate an area of your house with the design of the icons then it may be considered as a personal usage of the icons.

To what extent can we go about using the icons on freeicons for commercial usage?

All the icons are available on the Freeicons website for our clients, however, the icons are categorized into free icons and premium icons.

The free icons are free of cost and the premium icons come with a certain payment. All the icons under premium icons can be used for commercial purposes and also a few icons under the free icons have been licensed for commercial usage and the rest may be used for personnel usage only.

The license agreement defines and explains the usage of icons for commercial use in Basic License

You may find more details on how to use the freeicons for personnel use by clicking on the license information given right next to the icon. (link)