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Unused downloads

  • Written by Anu Dev
    Updated over a week ago

What happens to all the unused downloads in my account? Do they get carried forward to the upcoming month's subscription?

Yes, by default all the unused downloads get carried forward to the upcoming month, saving them for your further usage. The unused icons can be used anytime in the future as per your need for icons. This helps in not losing any of your unused downloads from your account.

In the case of Pro Micro, rollover up to 60 downloads is possible and for Pro starter roll over up to 300 downloads hence saving them for further usage.

How does roll-over work with us?


Given above is a graphical image for your reference. If you are a Pro Micro plan subscriber, and you have only used 3 downloads out of the 10 that you have downloaded, then the unused 7 gets carried forward to the following month and in the upcoming month, you will have a total of 17 downloads being 7 from the previous month and 10 from the new month. Now let us assume that you didn’t use the 17 downloads for that month either, then all of the 14 gets transferred to the next following month and so on. In the case of the Pro Micro plan, it helps you in carrying forward up to 60 downloads per month

However please be informed that 60 would be the limit under this plan and if you cancel your subscription then all your accumulated downloads will expire.

Note: Upon cancellation of your subscription at any point of time, then the accumulated downloads will expire and your downloads cease to exist. The expiration will thus happen when your subscription is due, which being the last day of the billing cycle you have paid for.