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How to subscribe for only one month's plan?

  • Written by Anu Dev
    Updated over a week ago

Is it possible to subscribe for only a month

We have the monthly subscription plan active on our webpage for our client’s convenience.

The one-month subscription can be activated and cancelled as per your requirement, however, please make sure that you cancel the monthly subscription before the next billing date is due. Because the subscription isn’t cancelled from your end before the next billing cycle, the system will automatically charge you for the upcoming month due to the non-cancellation of your subscription.

Know more about going forward with the cancellation process by clicking on the link: How to cancel your subscription.

The subscription itself means that you intend to renew the plan month after month, or you may say that subscription by definition is an auto-renewing plan. Depending on the type of billing that you choose for your subscription, it will renew automatically every 30 days in the case of monthly billing or every 12 months in the case of annual billing.

Once your subscription is active, it stays active until and unless you cancel it manually. However, If you do not wish to use the subscription for more than a month, you are free to cancel it at any given time before the billing period has ended. But if the cancellation isn’t done before the billing cycle ends, then it will get automatically renewed and you will be charged for a second month.

For cancellation of your subscription, you may go to Your account and click on the Cancel Subscription button on that page.

Resubscription is always available as and when you need more icons again, you may always either resubscribe to the current plan or upgrade your plan as per your choice from the Your Account page and continue with your downloads as per your requirement.

Note: when you cancel your subscription, all the unused downloads shall be lost if they are not used by the end of the subscription period. For instance, if you subscribe on June 1st and you cancel your subscription, you have to use your downloads before June 30th. Because once your billing period ends i.e. June 30th, your remaining downloads will be lost. Read more about Carrying forward of Unused downloads.