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How does the Pro Unlimited subscription plan work?

  • Written by Anu Dev
    Updated over a week ago

The Pro Unlimited subscription plan assists you by providing ample access to unlimited downloads every month for a recurring fee of $34 per month. Another advantage of the Pro Unlimited subscription plan is the option to add on team members as per your requirement to collaborate and work together as a single team on Collections.

The subscription gives access to download an unlimited number of icons as per the users' requirement, but it is not designed to download all the icons available on Freeicons by a single account.

Our expected rate of downloads from our Pro Unlimited subscribers are anywhere between 300 to 600 icons per month or even lesser as per the user requirement. therefore any other behaviour outside of this norm shall be monitored by our team could be subjected to a manual check. However at any point in time, if you wish to share it with your team, you will only need to invite them as team members. Finally, the unlimited subscription plan is designed in such a way to be used for current projects and not to accumulate icons for future use.

At any point of time, if the user would like to downgrade your subscription to either Pro Starter or Pro Micro, you may always do so from your account. Read about How to change your Pro subscription.

The subscription plan is an auto-renewing plan, meaning that your subscription plan gets automatically renewed for the upcoming month and you will be automatically charged every billing period (either every month or every year, depending on the billing option you have chosen). To stop or cancel your subscription, you need to do it before the current billing period ends, i.e. before the next billing period starts. Read about How to cancel your subscription.

A subscription plan can be cancelled anytime and it can also be resubscribed after the cancellation. If you only need it for only a period of 1 month, do not forget to cancel it before the next billing period is due. You can read about it in this article: How to subscribe to Pro for only 1 month?